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From any smartphone with WhatsApp installed – visit this webpage and simply click >> here The WhatsApp application on your smartphone will open and the keyword “82111′ will be inserted in the WhatsAPP application message bar automatically. Simply send the inserted keyword “82111” to the demo survey number now showing. The WhatsAPP survey will start immediately.

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With over 1.5 billion users and counting WhatsAPP has changed the communications landscape forever.

When millennials need to communicate … WhatsAPP is “Top of Mind”.

For maximum reach and effectiveness, market research and customer engagement campaigns must now have a WhatsAPP engagement component.

Survey Node offers a unique platform to easily connect with survey populations to obtain feedback and insight via WhatsAPP.

Survey Node Platform Unique Features:


  1. Conduct WhatsAPP, SMS and IVR Surveys.
  2. Send SMS participation invitations.
  3. Automatically manage opt-in and opt-outs.
  4. Ask multiple questions.
  5. Use skip question logic.
  6. Pipe answers into follow-on questions.
  7. Participation frequency control.
  8. Integration and automation API.
  9. Reward survey participants.

Boost Survey Participation Rates

Using Survey Node, you can easily reward survey respondents with discount vouchers or free mobile airtime.

Survey Node automatically sends discount vouchers or applies reward mobile airtime to the mobile number of survey respondents based on the criteria set for each survey.

Survey Node can dispense discount vouchers and mobile airtime rewards to subscribers on all major mobile networks.

About us

Survey Node is a trading name of ESJ Software Ltd, a UK software development company that specialises in developing and supporting innovative cloud and enterprise solutions for telecom networks, value added service providers and customer service focused organisations.

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