Q1. For surveys, what Country SMS Short / Long Code Number should we use?

United Kingdom +44-750-733-1530

United States +1-201-701-2010

Q2. What is the minimum subscription duration?

You can cancel your Survey Node account at any time.

Q3. How long does it take for new accounts to be setup?

New Survey Node accounts are created and made active immediately.

Q4. Is there an SMS or Calls broadcast list size limit?

For SMS and Call broadcasts, we recommend that each list should have a maximum of 25,000 records.

For API SMS and Call trigger submissions 50,000 per day.

Q5, Does my Survey Node account support multiple users?


The number of users you can created depends on your Plan.

You can purchase additional user licenses at a cost of £100 per year for each additional user required – if you need more than the default limit for your Plan.

Q6. What payment options does Survey Node accept?

Survey Node offers the following payment options:

i) PayPal for Online Payments (Verification Checks will be carried out before first time credits are applied).

To pay through PayPal, simple login to your Survey Node account highlight and click on the payments option.

ii) Transfer to our Bank (Please request for a pro-forma invoice first).

Q7. What is the file format for Survey Node IVR Survey Voice Prompts.

For all IVR Survey Voice Prompts:

Audio Format:  Wav

Sampling Frequency: 8000 Hz (8Khz) | Channel = 1 (mono) | Bitrate 128 kbit


You can download Audacity (Audacity is free, open source cross platform software for recording and editing sound files).

How to use …

i)   Download the software from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ and install on a PC  (Windows, mac or Linux).

ii)  Launch Audacity on your PC and open your prompt file – the file’s sound wave form will now be displayed.

iii) If your recording was made in stereo, highlight the displayed sound wave forms and go to the menu item Tracks .

iv) Then select the option Stereo Tracks to Mono (the two sound wave forms highlighted would now be just one).

v)  Now your are ready to export, go to the menu item and select the option

vi) From the Export Formats available – select GSM 6.10 WAV (Mobile).

Vii) Select and up load the converted file to your Survey Node …  Survey.

*Repeat this process for all your Survey prompts.

Q8. Does Survey Node provide access to a Surveys Template Library?

Yes, Survey Node provides users with a growing template library.

When you need to create a survey you can browse through pre-configured SMS, IVR and Online surveys in the template library.

Copy, modify and use any suitable template survey.