Not-for-Profit Organisations can apply to use Survey Node’s WhatsApp Extension to conduct surveys for free … Just tell us your use case !

Try Our WhatsApp Survey Demo !

1, Save the number +447907536734 to your mobile phone’s address-book.

2, Then using the WhatsApp on your phone … send the keyword SURVEYNODE to: +447907536734

Creating Your First WhatsApp Survey

Using Survey Node, you easily create WhatsApp  Surveys  to ask questions and get answers.

How to create your first WhatsApp survey:

1, Signup for a trial Survey Node account.

2, Log into your Survey Node account.

3, Choose the <Create From Template Library> option.

4, Choose the API Survey.

4, Select <Create Survey From This  Template>.

6, Edit the selected survey (questions, answers, start-date, end-date  etc) and save.

7, Activate the created API survey.

8, Your API Survey is now ready to be accessed via WhatsApp.

Making Your WhatsApp Survey Accessible

Making your WhatsApp survey accessible through your WhatsApp Number is easy …

(Chrome Browser Required).

1, Visit the Google Chrome Extensions Web Store, download and install the Survey Node WhatsApp Extension (Click to download now).

2, Watch the how to download, install and configure Survey Node WhatsApp Extension video.

3, After completing the steps in the video you must close WhatsApp Web and the Survey Node Chrome WhatsApp Extension.

4, Restart the Survey Node WhatsApp Extension and ask your survey participants to send Survey Keywords to your WhatsApp number to answer your survey questions.

Important Notes:

  • WhatsApp Web Desktop Notifications must be enabled for the Survey Node Chrome Browser WhatsApp Extension to work.
  • You must have your WhatsApp account running on your smartphone or tablet at all times (WhatsApp must be allowed to run in the background and sync always).
  • Your Laptop and smartphone must be connected to the internet always to be able receive and process Survey Node WhatsApp Survey questions and answers.

Boost Survey Participation Rates

Using  Survey Node, you can easily reward survey respondents with discount vouchers or free mobile airtime.

Survey Node automatically sends discount vouchers or applies reward mobile airtime to the mobile number of survey respondents based on the criteria set for each survey.

Survey Node can dispense discount vouchers and mobile airtime rewards to subscribers on all major mobile networks.

Survey participation rewards is a very effective way to achieve high survey response rates.



Survey node offers it’s users the survey channels to reach all population types (tech and non tech savvy).

Survey Node offers:

  1. WhatsApp
  2. SMS
  3. IVR
  4. Online channels.


In business time is money.

Using Survey Node companies have a unique tool to easily connect with survey populations to obtain the feedback and insight required.

With Survey Node in-house personnel can easily conduct surveys.

Saving time and money.


Using Survey Node companies can easily reward survey participants with vouchers or mobile airtime.

Offering rewards for survey participation will significantly increase response rates.


Survey Node users can use platform application programming interfaces (API) to easily integrate Survey Node with back-end systems.


With Survey Node you have access to enterprise features that make creating, running and managing surveys easy without the cost.

About us

Survey Node is a trading name of ESJ Software Ltd, a UK software development company that specialises in developing and supporting innovative cloud and enterprise solutions for telecom networks, value added service providers and customer service focused organisations.